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Rocco's Scoop of the Day

Welcome to Rocco's Scoop of the Day!

05/02/2012- I must apologize to Angel, the 17 year old Husky, for my actions at the dog park this morning. I must admit I was bullying her around but I didn't mean it. It is just that I was pushed around as a young pup by Huskies. In the future, I will try to get over my past scares and befriend Angel because she has always been good to me.

05/01/2012- Small friends please be careful out there on my walk this morning I saw a huge hawk flying away with a good size squirrel. I even felt bad for the poor little guy, I chase them but I never caught one. Be Safe Small paws!!!

4/30/2012 - I just got my FREE bag of Nutro Brown Rice Venison Recipe dog food from Pet Supplies Plus!




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