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Professional Grooming and Self Services

We offer a clean, fun and relaxed surrounding where you can pamper your pet.  Whether you use our self dog wash stations or drop off your precious pup for a day at the "spa", we cater to all!

*Prices are subject to change

Full Service Professional Grooming Service

*Grooming prices will vary depending on your pet's breed and condition of coat.  The following pricing is listed as a starting point only.  Actual price for your pet may be different.

Full Service Groom - Appointment Required

Starting at $40 and up

All Grooming Includes:

  • Warm Water Massage Bath/Ph Balanced Shampoo

  • Brushing

  • Breed Specific Clipping

  • Ears Cleaned - Plucked (if necessary)

  • Nails Trimmed

  • Seasonal Bandanna

*FURminator Shed-Less Service - Add $10.00

Ala-Carte Services:

  • Nail Trimming or Grinding - $10

  • Paw Trimming - Includes Nail Trimming - $14

  • FURminator Shed-Less Brushing - $10 

  • Ear Cleaning - $5

  • Special Shampoo - $5

  • De-Skunking - $10

  • Teeth Brushing - $8

Self-Service Wash

We have everything you need to pamper your pet squeaky clean and the WE do ALL the clean up!  We sanitize all tubs and equipment after every use!

Self-Service Wash

$16.00 - Includes:

  • Temperature Controlled Warm Water

  • Custom Stainless Steel Tubs

  • Humane Loading and Control Systems

  • Custom Sprayers

  • Ph Balanced Shampoo

  • Air Forced Dryers

  • Plush Bath Towels

  • Zoom Groom Soft Rubber Scrubbers

  • Aprons

We supply shampoo, towels and aprons!

Self Service Stations



Grooming Tips

*Washing your dog can be a fun experience for all!

*When clipping your dog's nails try shining a flashlight through the nail to find where the quick ends. This is especially helpful on dark or black nails!




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