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Professional Grooming and Self Services

We offer a clean, fun and relaxed surrounding.  Where we pamper your pet.

Drop off your precious pup for a day at the "spa"

*Prices are subject to change

Full Service Professional Grooming Service

*Grooming prices will vary depending on your pet's breed and condition of coat.  The following pricing is listed as a starting point only.  Actual price for your pet may be different.

Full Service Groom - Appointment Required

Starting at $40 and up

All Grooming Includes:

  • Warm Water Massage Bath/Ph Balanced Shampoo

  • Brushing

  • Breed Specific Clipping

  • Ears Cleaned - Plucked (if necessary)

  • Nails Trimmed

  • Seasonal Bandanna

*FURminator Shed-Less Service - Add $10.00

Ala-Carte Services:

  • Nail Trimming or Grinding - $10

  • Paw Trimming - Includes Nail Trimming - $14

  • FURminator Shed-Less Brushing - $10 

  • Ear Cleaning - $5

  • Special Shampoo - $5

  • De-Skunking - $10

  • Teeth Brushing - $8



Grooming Tips

*Washing your dog can be a fun experience for all!

*When clipping your dog's nails try shining a flashlight through the nail to find where the quick ends. This is especially helpful on dark or black nails!




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